Monday, December 19, 2011

This 'n that 'n Elvis...

I haven’t written in this for a while and I need to practice doing so in order to be disciplined enough on the cruise to post at least every few days.

Ray and Paula's blog about cruising has a great list of what to do and how to act. I’d say it was the Ten Commandments of Cruising but there are 30 of them! And  number 30 is especially appropriate.

I have been spending a LOT of time on the cruise critic website, especially on the Sun World Cruise Roll Call which seems to be getting more active. I’m also involved on Facebook where there are now a confusing TWO World Cruise Facebook Groups (World Cruise and Princess Cruise 2012). I find I can’t keep the two groups separate so I am just going to choose one, World Cruise, and ignore the other, Princess Cruise 2012. They seem to, by and large, have the same members and do the same thing.
It has been great fun to “meet” all the people going on “our” cruise! Should make it so much fun to start the cruise already having some friends.

Some of our cruise excursions are getting firmed up. A CC member named Narelle has been organizing some and so have I so we’re kind of set for Mumbai, Aqaba, and Petra and thinking about Salalah and Dubai. Gets exciting when we’re already planning the excursions!

The only traveling we have done lately is to go to Phoenix to visit Colorado friends and then on to Las Vegas for my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding by Elvis. Ken (son-in-law) has always, always wanted to be married by Elvis so when they planned a trip to the National Finals Rodeo they also planned, along with their friends Sharon & Bill, to be married by Elvis. Well, what a kick that was! They did the whole nine yards: limo, video, photographer, and Elvis singing “Love Me Tender”—among other songs—to them! And we got to share in the fun without having to pay for it! Icing on the cake! (My daughter is really, really tired of hearing that we didn’t have to pay for it. But I’m not!)

Kathy, Ken, 'n Elvis

Sharon, Bill, Kathy, Ken, 'n Elvis

Elvis is saying, Do you promise to always be as smokin' hot as you are today?

They always wanted their names in lights!

Do we have a beautiful daughter, or what!

I think Ken just got the bill.