Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day, so some leaps of ideas…

Sixty-one days until we drive out our driveway on our way to start the cruise—which is exactly 11 weeks from today! Our box of things to take with us is growing fuller and fuller.

Our son and daughter-in-law (Greg & Yolanda) are here from Sydney so we are picking their brains about what we should wait to buy when we get to Oz and what we should bring from here. And Randy and I are arguing about whether or not we should have Greg and Yolanda bring a suitcase back to Oz for us. I maintain that that is just another suitcase that  will have to bring home again in September. We should bring just over what we’ll bring back (plus of course the souvenirs that we’ll pick up!), otherwise we’ll be overloaded on the way home. Randy just doesn’t want to carry it over ourselves if we can get G&Y to carry it over for us! And round and round we go.

I’m starting to look at clothing catalogs for beautiful stuff clothing to bring with us. I think I’ve found a couple of formal-wear shops online with some handsome vests and ties for Randy to wear on formal nights. I can tie a formal bow-tie but all the bow ties are already put together—fake bow-ties. Bummer. And a shirt. His formal shirt is so old it’s starting to turn yellow!

Our friends, I’m sure, are getting heartily tired of hearing about our upcoming cruise! Oh, well, I can’t seem to help myself. Hey friends, it could be worse! At least I have this outlet!

I am learning from the other travel blogs what I enjoy reading about and what I don’t enjoy reading about. I don’t enjoy hearing complaints—unless they are done in a humorous way. I do enjoy hearing about the people the bloggers have met and I love really good descriptions of the scenery and good descriptions of interactions with the local populace. So that’s what I am going to strive to do. Whether or not I succeed—well, that remains to be seen, but I’ll try to be, at the very least, entertaining.

We won’t be in New York until July 20 and 21 but I’m already trying to figure out what we’ll do, other than going to The Book of Mormon. I’d like to find a good tour company but am not having a lot of luck. Many tours are walking tours but at our age, I don’t think I want to spend the better part of six hours walking around NY! On the other hand, knowing the traffic gridlock that can happen in NY, maybe I don’t want to be on a bus either. Perhaps we can just wing it, figuring out what we want to see and just taking the subways to get there. I imagine that if we do that we may have some of the Aussies go with us, which would be really nice. Randy, I’m sure, would love to show off NY and we have two days to do it!

Similarly in Los Angeles. Perhaps sharing a van and driving around to the most famous sights would be fun. Too little time to see Disneyland (we’re only there for 10 hours). In a request to our friends for suggestions of what to see, one of them said, “Why on earth are you only planning 10 hours in LA?” Uh, maybe because we don't have a choice? The cruise ship is only in town for 10 hours?

I told you it was some leaps of ideas.

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