Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Three days in a row of touring has wiped us out so we slept in so late we had to eat breakfast in the Horror Court, the nickname of the Horizon Court buffet dining area. It’s called that because many of us suspect there are sick passengers who go up to the Horror Court to eat. One of our friends saw a woman pick up a roll, sniff it, then put it back. On a ship that was within a gnat’s eyebrow of being quarantined, that is totally unacceptable behavior.

After Randy napped for two hours and I tried to update my blog—with some success, but I’ll never get used to clicking the mouse and having to wait at least 10 seconds for anything to happen—we decided to take the tender to shore and find a nice place on the beachfront to have lunch. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we kind of go from meal to meal and everything we want to do is couched in terms to do with eating: Well, I could do that but we haven’t had breakfast (lunch, dinner) yet; Maybe, but it will have to be after dinner (breakfast, lunch); I saw that right after lunch (breakfast, dinner); you get the idea.

Anyway, off we went and ran into a couple of friends, Chris and Phil (of the boat race fame), and we all started a search for the perfect place to eat: had to be in the shade, under umbrellas, view of the Mediterranean, no tablecloths (too expensive), and offer good beer; the food was an afterthought. After we found a great looking restaurant with multi-colored placemats (no tablecloths) overlooking the water, THEN we looked at the menu and decided it would do nicely.

An hour and a half later we agreed we should mosey back to the ship; we didn’t want to be late for cocktails.

So much for Cannes. Others went to Monte Carlo and the casino, and Nice, and a few other places but we were happy with our decision to vege out for a day. Tomorrow: Barcelona!
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  1. Ah, Nice....Kim and I spent many days on a beach in Nice. We didn't mean to, but there was a train strike so we weren't able to go to Florence as we'd planned, until the strike ended, for possibly 1 day, so we boogied to Florence and a whirlwind tour before hopping the train back to Nice. Memories. Thanks for bringing them back. :-)