Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dead in the water...

About 0500 Randy was watching television and everything went black. No lights, no TV, no nothing. Including no information from the captain until 0609 when he told us the “switchboard” had failed and thus stopped the engines (he says they are following protocols to restart them). Randy says he’s never heard of an electrical problem that would cause all the engines to quit. Anyway, we have been lollygagging in the Tasman Sea without engine power (we did get electricity back at about 0545) for almost two hours. There is a contingent of Japanese reporters on board so I have a feeling that our plight will be publicized to the world as soon as they can get the word out.

At 0630 and the engines were seemingly making abortive attempts to start—they sound disconcertingly like muffled explosions—but they haven’t succeeded yet. We’re in the Tasman Sea having gone around the top of New Zealand and were heading in a straight line directly west to Sydney, Australia.

The power came back on strangely: First thing we noticed was that the TV popped on, but without a picture. But, I’ve had a power failure at home when the TV was on and when the power came back on, the TV didn’t come on, we had to turn it on. We thought that might be an emergency power-on thing for the ship, that the TV comes on automatically for announcements. Wrong on two counts: our other TV didn’t come on and the ship has a ship-wide loudspeaker capability that we can’t turn off so they don’t need the TV for announcements.

We did get underway at about 0730 and the captain has given us no indication that we will be late into Sydney. Too bad in a way as it will probably be dark as we steam under the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Somebody doesn't want the World Cruise to end!


  1. Hi Pam & Randy

    This amazing journey is nearly at an end.
    We have enjoyed reading your blog and your photos Pam.
    You did a real great job at organising our Meet & Greets on our leg of this journey Sydney To Dover.
    It was a real pleasure meeting you and Randy and we thank you for your hospitality.
    I think this World Cruise 2012 was amazing due to all the wonderful people we have meet along the way.
    Once again many thanks to you both.
    Hopefully we get the chance to meet again when you are next in Sydney.

    Marie & Ma

  2. To Randy and Pam

    Thank you for your most enjoyable tales from "around the world in 104 days". Bon Voyage for the rest of your journey, enjoy Ballarat and the other sights you have planned.

    Lorri H.

  3. You intrepid travelers you ! :) Loved keeping up with what you've been doing. Enjoy the rest of your well earned holiday