Tuesday, March 6, 2012

50 days and counting down...

Oh, my gosh, it is getting close! We’re leaving on May 2nd so that means it’s only—ONLY—seven weeks + one day away. 50 days! Where has the time gone?

I went to look on the Epiphanie website for a girly-looking bag for my camera and my favorite is on backorder until “early May.” Unless I order it in black. Why would I want black? That’s what ALL camera bags look like! Bummer. There are other sites that have feminine camera bags, like Kelly Moore’s 2-sues bag that’s pretty cute! It says it’s out of stock, but Adorama has it in stock in red and grey so I may go that route. She (the designer, Kelly) has a great marketing tool on her website, a video of her and the bag and how to use it. It’s very effective! Of course I haven’t actually bought one yet so it’s not that effective!

I really, really need to look at my clothes and start sorting out what I might be bringing with me. And continue learning how to use the new video camera. And try to get Randy to learn how to use it as well —that may be a losing battle! At least it has a manual. He likes it when things have manuals. He probably wishes I came with a manual!

Another item of clothing I was reminded of by a Cruise Critic friend is shoes. I have a few shoes but I thought about trying to get a pair of high heeled shoes and if I do, I’ll need to break them in a bit. I haven’t worn high heels in years but I know Randy would love it if I would. At least once on the cruise.

Although I won’t be bringing much jewelry with me, what is a formal night without at least some jewelry? Even Randy has some nice cufflinks to bring—assuming I get him that new formal shirt!

Today was the first day in decades that I bought new suitcases. Always before we have used just carryon bags—even for our round the world flight many years ago and our three and a half month Australia trip four years ago and our 60-day cruise a few years back. I’m just getting too old to have to worry and cram and tuck stuff into a carryon! So for the first time in our lives, we now have full sized suitcases!

I still have more readers from Finland than any other country but the US! And I only have 12 unique visitors from Canada but they generate more pageviews than all my American visitors. I love statistics!


  1. This "bag lady" always gets excited with bags, Pam. The "what's inside" video was especially exciting! Good luck with your purchase.

  2. OK, I'm checking to see if you have captcha enabled. I'll see when I go to submit this comment. Yes you do. Go to DESIGN on the top left of your blog page. Then click on SETTINGS, then POSTS AND COMMENTS. There you should see something about "word verification" being enabled. You should be able to turn it off. Hope that helps.

    1. I had to revert to the old blogger to remove the captcha, but I think it's gone now. Thanks!