Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces and Cabin Crawling…

38 days! Well, really it’s 53 days until we leave on the ship but we are leaving home on May 2 so I count that at 38 days until our vacation starts even though that’s not the days until our cruise leaves.

I can’t help but feel a wee bit of competition with the 2011 World Cruisers and the amount of messages that are happening on the Cruise Critic Roll Call. We have more messages going back and forth and around than the 2011 cruisers did at the same relative time before sailing. So far.

Several cruisers are talking about having a “cabin crawl” after the New York embarkation, around July 23rd or so. Hard to believe we are planning that far in advance!

Even further (farther? I never have gotten the distinction straight) in advance, I am planning a small group (no more than eight) in Papeete, Tahiti, on August 17th with Patrick Adventure Tours. He comes highly praised by Joanne & Garry from the 2011 World Cruise (you can read about their soggy but fun adventure here). No sooner had I put it on the Roll Call than I had four of the six I need. I’ve emailed Patrick to reserve the tour and asked him if we could find some Tahitian dancers to watch. Three guesses which gender requested that. And the first two don't count!

I still don’t have any takers for my tour of the Beaches of Normandy but I’m pretty sure they will come. It just that the Sun is an Australian ship and not too many Aussies care about the Normandy beaches.

Oh, yes, what’s a cabin crawl? We start in the bar and wander around the ship going to cabins whose (temporary) owners have agreed to open for viewing. I suppose it might actually turn into a real “crawl” since we start in the bar, but generally it’s just a great excuse to see how everybody else has arranged all the stuff we’re mostly all going to take with us and what the different categories of cabin look like. Kind of like shopping for the cabin you want on your next cruise. Sounds pretty cool to me!

Another totally useless but fun website is How Long Will You Live? I’m going to live to 93 and Randy to 94. Since he’s a year older than me I think that means we’ll die together. Hopefully as our last check bounces.

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