Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flat Stanley is going around the world

My friend Bethany in Texas may be wondering what happened to Flat Stanley and where he is. Well, Bethany, Flat Stanley has had some adventures getting to the Sun Princess to start his trip around the world! But he finally got on board and is starting his Great Voyage!

First, he missed the departure from Tucson by a day. Then he missed the departure from Roseville, CA by a day. Then he flew electronically to the Marriott Hotel in Sydney and finally to Quakers Hill, NSW, Australia. Whew!

He got on the ship on May 16 with us and here he is sitting in a chair in our suite. He’s going to have a lot more adventures in the next 99 days, including Darwin, Australia, tomorrow. So stay tuned for updates on what he’s up to! We’ll definitely take him on a tour of the ship during our next group of sea days. He MAY be able to have dinner with us and since he’s wearing a tie, I’m sure he’ll be allowed to join us at the next formal night on board.


  1. Our last cruise we had Jackie O with us, she hails from the USA, but is now living in Australia, between Queensland and New South Wales, she has just had a wonderful time in Vietnam, and we may get to bring her "home" to Bakersfield for a reunion with her family in Juky We are such Ratbags hey !!! Jackie O and Flat Stanley may well have got together, I had better see if I can bring her on the Princess with us...

  2. Bethanie thinks this is way cool and can't wait to see places where Flat Stanley goes.

  3. Bethanie thinks this is way cool! She is excited to see where Flat Stanley gets to travel to. We will have to make a book out of all the pictures that she can share with friends. :-)