Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh what a life…

Noon location     10° 47’ S, 134° 57 E, 18.7Kts avg speed

Randy and I are sitting on our deck, a light breeze is wafting over us as we gaze at the wake of the ship trailing out behind us in an arrow straight line.  What a life! We are heading almost exactly due west across the Arafura Sea—no, I had no idea either where that was before today! (N and W of Darwin)—towards Darwin, then through the Dundas Strait, across the Van Dieman Gulf and on into Darwin at 7am tomorrow morning. We are going to do our best to be up and on deck for the sail-in.

I will not see a kitchen for at least another 102 days so why on earth I decided to go to the cooking show, I have no idea. But go I did, and it was a lot of fun! The chef and the maître d’ ran the quite amusing show (after Tim the Cruise Director left them to their own devices—good idea, too, as he is a bit much!) and after a slow start was not only funny but very informative. Although why exactly would I want to know that Chef goes through 50,000 eggs in the first 70 days? Or that we, the passengers on board this cruise, have already gone through between 12 and 15 TONS of food and drink? Hic. Burp.

Anyway, I learned how to make crepes Suzette. Sort of. And gnocchi. And fresh pasta. Now, how to remember that for when we go to the timeshares in Lakes Entrance and Ballarat?

Had a bit of a dust-up with the credit card company yesterday. I went to all the trouble of telling them that we would be travelling all over the world so they shouldn’t deny a charge just because it comes from Timbuctu—perhaps that’s a bad example ‘cause we not going to Timbuctu, but you get my point. It never occurred to me that they might reject a charge from the Sun Princess, sailing in the Gulf of Carpenteria off the coast of Australia, because the charge came from Princess’s parent company—in the US!

Flowers in our entry

These are REALLY long halls

the Horse Races with staff mugging for my camera

Internet cafe



More atrium

Regency dining room


Randy exercising
My next challenge is getting a part of the dining room blocked off for a lunch for our Cool Cruisers group. I have already been told by the dining room staff that that is impossible. They want me to have 100 people lined up outside to all go in together. I’m going to talk to Estella and see if there is anything that can be done.


  1. Reading and enjoying your adventure. Shouldn't you have taken your maid of honor? Happy Birthday and anniversary. helen

  2. Pam .... last year for the lunches... we all had to meet out the front of the dining room at around 11.45am..... then they would let us in 5 min early to take our seats.... we had 60 to 70 and you would never say that it was a problem... and if it is, it is for them and they will change the arrangements for next never became a big issue

    I see the pictures that young Dave is the assistant cruise director... you will need to say hi from Joanne and the crazy cruisers

  3. Happy Birthday Pam. And congratulations to you both on 3 wonderful years of wedded bliss-----1983, 1982 and 2011. Give Flat Stanley our best. The trip sounds wonderful. Carry On!
    Doug and Marty