Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a quick update, mostly for our family.

We were through security—always a joy—and in the United International First Class Lounge at San Francisco Airport with more than 3 hours until departure.

You should have seen us schlepping: a computer bag with enough wires to supply a small city; a camera bag with two cameras and associated chargers, cards, etc.; my purse with all the detritus that won’t fit anyplace else; and two jackets that I insisted come out of our many checked bags for the cool weather that is sure to be in Sydney. I cannot believe that we once flew around the world with a carry-on bag each! And that included a tennis tournament and a formal dinner at opposite ends of the globe. If a globe can have ends, that is.

The flight seems to be on time, at least so far, so we are well on our way!

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