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How's this for a vacation home?

We’re now back in the land where Christian religions dominates. But enroute to here Flat Stanley has witnessed so much diversity! He and we learned that Buddhism is not a religion; it’s a way of life and we spoke with Muslims who fervently disavow the violence that has been done in their name.

I never before this cruise even really knew where Croatia was, let alone Dubrovnik. Nor did I have any knowledge of the history of Dubrovnik although I knew a bit about the countries around it now and the ones who fairly recently were at war.

The walled city of Dubrovnik and the Dalmation coast are spectacularly beautiful! It helps, of course, that our luck with weather has continued. We sailed in along a rocky coast that alternately has high cliffs and deep green forests with the occasional home set so as to overlook the ocean. Sailboats and tour boats abound and I can see why people like to spend time in this area; it’s one of the prettiest coastlines I’ve ever seen.

Until our guide told us a bit about the history of this (now) small town, I had barely heard of it, yet it was as important a trading center as Venice up until the 18th century.

Unfortunately we are a large enough ship to have to dock at the brand new dock facility. Unfortunate because smaller ships can anchor just off the town and be right at the heart of everything although the passengers have to take a tender back and forth. Several of our friends elected to get a taxi and have a couple of hours to see the area; they were rewarded with stunning views of the town from the top of the hill right above it. We elected to walk the wall around the town and that was an interesting experience. It was extremely hot and there is precious little shade available but we got some fascinating glimpses of daily life in Dubrovnik, such as the grappa that is home made in many of the homes. We could see it fermenting on garden walls and on window sills as we walked around.

There were two tours from the ship to walk around the wall of the town; our tour finished the 1.3km walk, the other group had half the group who didn’t want to continue after they were half done. That’s what we heard from our guide; why they didn’t want to continue when they were already half-way there was not elaborated on.

The main street of Dubrovnik stretches from one gate in the wall to the other and after walking that street and stopping for some fresh OJ and cookies, back to the ship we went. We possibly should have stayed in town and had lunch but it was hot and we were thinking without consulting our common sense. But we were lucky in a way: our Cruise Director (in charge of fun on board) fell and may have a broken leg; another woman apparently was abandoned by her tour group; and at least one person collapsed on the wall, probably from heat problems.

The sailaway was yet another spectacularly beautiful one.

From our deck, overlooking the dock area and a very modern bridge to Dubrovnik

Residential Dubrovnik

The walled city of Dubrovnik. We walked most of the wall that goes all the way around the city.

The city from afar.
Flat Stanley walked the wall with us.

Looking down the main street from one gate to the other.

Part of some of the old structures seen from the wall around Dubrovnik.

The town and a fort, from the wall.

Flat Stanley enjoying the view over Dubrovnik.

The wall is quite narrow at points. And hot! as there is no shade.
Flat Stanley had a snack of fresh OJ (yum!) and cookies after walking the wall.
Several backyards. Note the jars on the wall.
Some family is making Grappa on their backyard wall.

Dubrovnik may be a very old city, but it has all the "mod cons" (Aussies for modern conveniences).

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