Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Weather was too windy—over 50 knots apparent wind speed over the deck and occasional bursts of wind over 50 knots—so the captain elected not to go to Mykonos. Now we have more of a problem with our credit card which had been sent from the US to Athens to Mykonos. Don’t know where it will go now or when.

There is a boat building contest on board which will be in a few days and one of our friends needs to test their boat so they asked to use our bathtub. They have to make a boat that will carry a six-pack across the pool and not sink inspite of inspired attempts to sink it. So we have turned that into a reason to have a party! We have lots of beer, they will bring some champers ( Aussie for champagne) and pizza at 1500 today.

No boat pictures until after the race, the boat is a secret until then!

Then we hope that at 1700 the captain will have gotten permission to enter the Dardanelles early and we will have a daylight transit of the Dardanelles. Another party! We have plenty of beer and they restock (free)  our liquor every seven days so, while we don’t have an abundance of hard liquor (spirits in Aussie), we do have some. And food is free. Party time!!! We were going to have a sail-away party at 1400 from Mykonos but that won’t happen. One has to be flexible on a ship!

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  1. Sounds like fun ! I feel for you re your credit card, we had a MAJOR issue with cards last year .......it turned my hair a whole lot greyer !

    Have a fun party xx CHEERS