Saturday, June 2, 2012


At 0900 we were scheduled in Mumbai at 1000. We are 40nm from Mumbai and travelling at 20kts. You do the math. At 0904 the captain made an announcement that we will be arriving in Mumbai at 11:45. My wonderful tour of Mumbai was supposed to start at 0900 because we were arriving at 0800. A hundred years from now we’ll look back at this and laugh!

Randy has been muttering since last night about how we were NOT going to make it by 1000. I, the eternal optimist (yeah, right) kept saying, “Oh, no! the captain will get us there by the rescheduled 1000 time.” Oh how I hate to admit that Randy was right. But he spent his life estimating how long it would take to get from SFO to wherever or when to start making his descent.

At this point I don't remember what I have posted where! Our syndicate, headed by Peter, won the Melbourne Cup on board the Sun Princess! The syndicate that purchased No Stools by Constipated out of  Too Much Fiber bought her for $180 ($60 each) and we won $900 ($300 each). No more races for us, we have  peaked!

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  1. Hi Ryans!
    How was going through the Suez? Hope all is okay as I answered last week but must not have used something correctly.
    We actually has some rain last Saturday!