Monday, June 4, 2012

The internet, circa 1980...

Our first computer was an AppleII+. Every program was run from a floppy disk and was molasses-in-winter slow and the internet as we know it did not exist. I could send text emails but I needed patience and persistence. I now have a brand-new computer and I still need patience and persistence on board the Sun Princess to send an email. Welcome to 1980.

We’re supposed to have wireless internet in every cabin. Technically, we DO have wireless internet in our cabin but at most we have two bars (of five) unless I prop the door open, then sometimes I can get three bars. I have been known to stand in the hall to get a whole four bars!

To transport yourself to the age of text emails, imagine you have firefox or IE open and you have two or three tabs open. If you want to switch from one tab to another, you just click and almost instantly, the other tab opens. Now try this: click on the tab and count s-l-o-w-l-y, like one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc. When you get to 15-one-thousand the new tab still hasn’t opened so you click again and count to 15-one-thousand. Now, MAYBE, that tab will open. Upload a picture that’s less than a KB? Again, for you almost instant. It takes me over a minute!

Not that I’m complaining—OK, OK, I’m complaining—because we DO have internet and we do have unlimited internet. I can’t imagine having to pay, at a MINIMUM, $.39/minute for a package of 1000 minutes (goes up to $.79/minute if you just pay as you go) and I have used already over 3900 minutes! Let me see, that’s—yikes! $1,521. Or $3,081. Hmmhhh, am I too connected? Nah!

Another perk we have is free laundry. Here I pop everything in a bag and leave it on the bed and everything is magically returned the next day (or the day I put it in if I check the same-day-service box) all ironed—even the t-shirts!—and folded or put on a hanger. How on earth am I going to go home and actually have to put things in the washer and then put them in the dryer AND then FOLD them MYSELF?

As yet another digression, and bearing in mind our delay into Mumbai, we are due in Dubai at 0800 which is 42 hours from now; according to the ship we have 817nm to go at a current speed of 18.1kts. That math says we will get into Dubai  at 1130 or, in a little more than 45 hours.

In the Arabian Sea, headed for the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz.
20° 12’ N
67° 58’ E

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  1. Reminds me of a "funny" - how kids think now vs in 1980: Playing Old MacDonald Had a Farm....a cow says "mooo" a goat says "bahhh" a mouse says "click"!!!!!!